Land Clearing

No Wooded Lot Is a Match for Us

We excel at providing land clearing services in the Roseburg, OR area

Some land clearing companies might not have the expertise or equipment needed to clear a huge parcel of land, but Clearview Hazardous Tree Service, LLC can handle practically any job. That's why we're a go-to land clearing service in Roseburg, OR.

Our crew can remove trees and brush to...

  • Prevent the spread of wildfires and tree diseases
  • Promote safety and healthy plant growth
  • Make way for a new structure
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3 reasons to choose Clearview Hazardous Tree Service

3 reasons to choose Clearview Hazardous Tree Service

Don't hire just any land clearing service - choose one that...

  • Takes safety seriously and never takes shortcuts
  • Charges less and does a better job than competitors
  • Employs contractors with over 20 years of experience
You'll be glad you outsourced your land clearing project to our crew in Roseburg, OR. Reach out today to get started.